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Palazzo Santa Croce

Pure enjoyment in a warm city called Positano...

Private Terrace...

Upper Terrace with expansive View of the Village and Sea

Garden Level and Spa.

Turkish Bath, Sauna, Three Spa Showers and More!

The Palace Gallery

Luxury in the heart of Positano.

The Palace

Here you can see many pictures of the Palace like:

  • rooms and Building
  • Spa, Conforts and Events
  • amazing view and Gardens
  • Historic pictures and Fine art wealth
  • Wallpapers
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Packages & Deals

We have some awesome deals!

The welcome package

Starting from January 2014,
only euro 2.000 per day,
Villa accomodation for 9 people
(4 double room + 1 single room).
It includes staff, welcome dinner, Friday pizza party, cooking class and boat trip.


Book now and you get this best price!

Hotel & Spa

This is the 2nd package out of 3

When the mind asks a rest, take care of the body is essential. Carefully planned to provide maximum relaxation and well-being, the Spa's luxurious and exclusive at Palazzio Santa Croce emerges as a perfect haven for your senses within his own palace

Only available in low season!


Dinner on the Palace

This is the 3rd package out of 3

Our table radiates glamour, from the alfresco terrace, to the relaxed moment with its spectacular view.

Magnificent views of the sea, stretching as far as the eye can see, create the perfect setting for a relaxed and romantic candlelit dining ... "unforgettable"


Sightseeing and Excursions

Amalfi Coast: Day Trips.

Sightseeng ans Excursions

There are several excellent trips along the Amalfi Coast or to many sights in around, like:


Suites & Rooms

Luxury Rooms and Suites all providing a relaxing atmosphere

Each luxury palace room is designed around the building's unique architecture, and amenities are plentiful.

About Us

Antica SRL - Our care with the history is a prestigious heritage

We are committed to providing memorable journeys inspired with exquisite flair. We believe life should be lived with style.

Press Room

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Guest Book

We value all of our guest's feedback highly.

Take time to read through our guestbook and If you have recently stayed with us, feel free to share your experience.